Meet the Duet


Charis Charalambous was born in Larnaca. His musical education began at a very young age when he joined the EPA Wind Band in 1973. His teacher was the current conductor of the Larnaca Municipal Wind Orchestra, Andreas Andreou, who continues to be his mentor until present.

After having been in the EPA Wind Band for a number of years he became a member of the 'Larnaca Music Club'. His has been a founding member of the Larnaca Municipal Wind Orchestra since 1988 having performed both as a band member and as a soloist in variety of concerts in a number of countries.

Since early 2010, Charis and Nikos have created the saxophone duet 'The 2 Altos', which caters quality saxophone music for events such as weddings, christenings, private parties etc.


Nikos Mamoulides was born in Larnaca and he was involved with music from a young age. In 1971 he became a member of the EPA Wind Band under the conducting of Andreas Andreou.

At the age of 20 he moved to Canada until 1996 when he returned to Cyprus. During his stay abroad he was again involved heavily with music. From the first month of his return to Cyprus he became a member of the Larnaca Municipal Wind Orchestra and continued his music career working as a musician at the Lordos Beach Hotel ever since.

Since early 2010 together with Charis Charalambous he started the 'The 2 Altos'. A dynamic duo of saxophones available for all kind of event and occasions, whether this is a wedding reception or a private party in the back yard of your house.